What is Sexy?

By Karma Schopp – Personal Trainer, WBFF Pro Figure & Cellucor sponsored Athlete

When you hear the words: strong, powerful, confident, what comes to mind? Sexiness? It can mean many things to many people. The wink of an eye, flip of the hair and a smile that shines throughout a room. Those are just a few attributes that are often coined to be sexy. However, depending on who you ask – it means something different to the person who gives you the answer.

According to an informal poll on Facebook asking what is sexy, surprisingly, the one physical feature that was mentioned numerous times was ‘teeth’! Yes, teeth and a great smile will take you far. And if you have the confidence and intelligence to complete the package – then you’re way ahead of the game.

One male pollster gave these thoughts: “Different types of attraction. To just want to get it on with a girl she just needs to have a waist with a decent butt, have good hygiene and be openly turned on by me. To be attracted to a girl for a relationship, there has to be a connection, similar lifestyles, humor, morals, intelligence, a broad perspective. She needs to have an appreciation for the things she has and respect for herself and others. Helps if she has nice lips, eyes, tight skin, a balanced athletic look, is generous of spirit, uninhibited, adventurous and is a touch anarchistic. Turn offs: Dishonesty, insincerity, immaturity, obesity, self centeredness, narcissism, shyness.”

Do you want to seduce your special someone? Then hit the gym! Finish a hard core workout, drench yourself in sweat, hair all over the place and get noticed. You’re not being looked at because someone thinks you should hurry up and get in the shower. That rough exterior is actually a major turn-on for a lot of people. The raw animalism you’re exuding is attracting others’ primal instincts. So, it’s not necessarily what you wear, it’s how you wear it that will add the provocative, flirtatious factor to your persona. Strut your stuff without being too over the top. Use your genuine radiance to smile and all of your sexiness will show.

— Reprinted With Permission