The Superman Syndrome: Cranking Up Gravity to Crank Up Gains!

Unleashing Your Superhero

Clark Kent, alias Superman, a.k.a the Man of Steel, Kal-El son of Jor-El, refugee from the planet Krypton, is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound; he can bend steel with his bare hands, he's stronger than a locomotive, and faster than a speeding bullet, right? At least here on Earth, this mighty superhero is the idealistic embodiment of strength and physical power.

But, Superman isn't from around here. He is the last survivor of a world where he was merely a normal, every day mortal just like everyone else just like you and just like me. When his parents put him into his little spaceship and gave him his one-way ticket to our good green home, the planet Earth, they never realized how the differences between Earth and their home planet, Krypton, would impact their orphaned son. Or did they?

Besides having a suitable atmosphere and temperature, our home has one key difference from Superman's home planet. The gravitational field on our planet is significantly less than that of Krypton. Did Superman's dad realize how this would affect his son? Did Super-Dad Jor-El realize that anyone from the planet Krypton, whose genetic make up predisposed them to living and functioning under the constant pull of that far-away planets stronger gravity would naturally be super-strong, be able to leap and bound great distances (as if able to fly) and be able run further and faster than any natural being on Earth? Did Jor-El realize this, or was this simply dumb luck? After all, Krypton was doomed and he surely was in a bit of a panic when he searched for an appropriate home for his son.

Whether or not he realized it, the truth of the matter is this – the difference between the stronger gravitational field of his home planet, Krypton, and weaker pull of the Earth is what gives Superman powers of incredible strength. His body was genetically built to function under the heavier pull of Krypton. So, naturally, being accustomed to much heavier loads than his daily life here on Earth, Superman was stronger than the mere mortals that surrounded him.

So, what does this have to do with us? Well, like Superman, we can take advantage of increased gravity to stimulate our own adaptive capabilities to maximize strength and muscular growth.

Think about it like this what if you could turn up gravity just slightly, so that everything you did physically was 10% heavier? Over just a short period of time, your body would adapt to the increased resistance, becoming stronger, more capable of handling heavier activities. Once the body adapted to the bump in gravitational resistance, you simply turn it up again, to, say, 15% above original baseline! Again, over time, the body adjusts, and becomes yet stronger.

Then, as you go about your daily business in the normal world of Earth's usual gravity, in the world of mere mortals you'll be stronger than a locomotive! Magic? No, of course not! It's the physiology of adaptation to resistance training.

So, Let's Turn Up Gravity!
Generally speaking, by utilizing any basic progressive resistance-training program, you are, in essence, turning up gravity on a specific muscle or group of muscles. By applying ever-increasing levels of resistance to specific muscles, while providing just enough time and nutrients for sufficient recovery, target muscles will adapt and grow. Because the body wants to do as little work as possible, adaptation muscle growth will provide the added muscle to handle the turned up gravity more easily. This adaptive capability is ongoing, and it's how we can progressively build more muscle mass and strength over time.

What follows is an aggressive, systemic total body blitzkrieg, designed to turn up the gravity on the entire muscular system. This program is designed to target the body as a unit, to increase systemic intensity and stimulate a higher degree of adaptation to what becomes, in truth, increased gravitational resistance applied to the entire body in other words, we turn up gravity! We call it the Superman program.

The Super Strength Program
Is an aggressive 3-week intensifying program designed to shock the body into new levels of growth, beyond standard and conventional resistance training techniques and into brave, new worlds of pain and growth! Are you ready to build your own man of steel (minus the flowing cape and skin-tight pajamas, of course!)?

The Super Strength Program was designed for trainers of at least 6 months to a year of training experience under their superhero utility belts*. The program is formulated to stimulate maximum strength and growth in minimum time.

*Remember, this program is an intensifying regimen, designed for a temporary bump in workload and volume over time. It is not made for those who are feint of heart or who lack the intestinal fortitude to become a superhero.

Simply, the body is divided into 2 units. The Super Strength Program is a 6-day regimen that incorporates 2 workouts, workout and workout.

  • Workout 1: Biceps, forearms, quads and hamstrings
  • Workout 2: Back, shoulders, chest, triceps

Workout Pattern:
Workout Body parts: Rep range # of sets per body part Rest period

  • MON A biceps, forearms, quads, hamstrings 13-15 4 75 sec
  • TUES A biceps, forearms, quads, hamstrings 6-8/10-12(legs) 5 60 sec
  • WED B back, chest, shoulders, triceps 10-12 4 90 sec
  • THU A biceps, forearms, quads, hamstrings 10-12 4 90 sec
  • FRI B back, chest, shoulders, triceps 13-15 4 75 sec
  • SAT B back, chest, shoulders, triceps 6-8 5 60 sec
  • SUN off rest

Utilize this intensifying program for a maximum of 3-continuous weeks.

Exercise Selection:
For each body part to be trained, choose 1 mass building, gross motor power exercise. Utilize only 1 exercise per body part each workout. For example, for chest training, you might choose flat bench press, incline dumbbell press or decline press. Utilize the same exercise for the entire 3-week program.

Rep-range and weight-selection:
For each exercise, select a weight that allows you to perform reps within the prescribed rep-range utilizing proper technique and form. Slight cheating is fine, as long as form is not sloppy. (no throwing or aggressive swinging). Do not pyramid weight, instead keep weight consistent until you are able to hit the top rep-range consistently. Then, increase weight 5-10%.

Rest Periods:
Time in between sets will be measured and timed. Rest only the prescribed amount of time in between each set. This will be just enough time for the body to recover but not enough time for the body to return to an untrained, level of non-fitness!

Warm Ups:
Do 5-10 minutes of light cardio prior to each training session, followed by a light stretch for each body part to be trained. Do not waste inordinate amounts of time and energy warming up.

Keep Pace Quick, and Stay Focused
Each program was structured to last less than 40 minutes, start to finish. This program is fast-paced and intense. Faster than a speeding bullet, even. But, it will make you stronger. The more effort and energy you apply to these short, intense workouts, the greater your results will be.

Track Your Progress by Utilizing a Training Journal
You'll be surprised at how quickly your strength will improve with this program. Challenge yourself each and every workout push hard, turn up gravity and watch as your own super strength improves with each passing week! You will be well on your way to building your own man of steel.