So You Want to Date a Fitness Model

Sounds glamorous! Dating a Fitness Model is like dating a celebrity, isn’t it? Getting ready for photoshoots, competitions and a variety of other in demand industry events. Well, once you actually get the opportunity to take out a fit female (or male) you’ll find that they’re just like everyone else….only a bit more neurotic about food, working out and their appearance.

If you can handle someone who has compulsive habits like ensuring specific timing with eating – no matter where in the world they are at the moment, numerous workouts and an obsession with pushing the body to extremes…then you can date a Fitness Model. And if you get excited at the idea of filling your shopping cart with chicken breast when it’s on sale, you’re already ahead of the game. In addition to being able to appreciate the wonderful after affects of asparagus—then you’re welcome to the world of exercise enthusiasts!

If you’re dating a Fitness Model, you yourself need to be confident and allow your better half to be in the spotlight without wanting to take them away from it all. The more you empower him/her, the more they’ll be able to give back to you. It’s amazing what genuine support can do for the relationship. And the exact opposite can also be said. When and if you don’t understand what it takes to get your physique show or shoot ready, it can cause chaos and throw everything off balance. It’s not easy to juggle cardio sessions, weight training, meal prep, careers and family time. But, when you see your sexy spouse all done up and featured in magazines – you can’t help be but be proud as a peacock. It’s at that point you realize the rewards of the hard efforts put into creating the desired look. Fitness can bring many wonderful things to your life. And, it can also tear relationships apart. It all depends on the partnerships that are formed.

It’s important at the beginning of the relationship, expectations are clearly laid out. If you go into it knowing there will be times when quality time is scarce because of an upcoming project, it can make life a whole lot easier to take. When you don’t know that what lies ahead, you may feel neglected or not needed. Even though, that’s not the case at all.

So, when you first see a hot, fit person, don’t be intimidated by their carefully crafted exterior nor let it discourage you from discovering the person that lies within. Not only could you find out that their charm outshines what you see, it could in fact make them seem more beautiful than you initially thought. After all, beauty is skin deep, right? And, Fitness Models date outside of their own social circle. It’s not all about looks, if you’re the right match – it’s not going to matter if you pump iron or lift paperweights.

Date a Fitness Model and you’ll learn a lot about how to reach your goals, go after your dreams and how to create a network of beautiful people…on the inside and out.

— Reprinted with Permission