Mauro Di Pasquale, MD

Director of Product Development and Research
Responsibilities : Director of Product Development and Research
MP teammate since : 2010
Area of Expertise : Chief Formulator and Chief Medical Director. Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale brings five decades of personal, clinical and university teaching and learning, combined with leadership gained from Medical Directorships of important sports organizations to MusclePharm. Dr. Di Pasquale has written over a dozen books on athletic performance, focusing mainly on diet and supplementation, most notably his books, The Anabolic Diet, and The Metabolic Diet. His counsel helps our team stay on the edge.
Education : Honors M.D., Honors B.Sc. (majoring in genetics and molecular biochemistry), both from The University of Toronto. Assistant Professor, the University of Toronto. The Doctor has also published more than 2000 articles in magazines like Muscle and Fitness, Flex and Powerlifting USA.
Athletic Background :
First Canadian Powerlifter to total 10 times bodyweight in any class and the only Canadian Powerlifter to total 10 times bodyweight in two classes. International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), World Games champion, Pan American, North American, and an eight-time Canadian Powerlifting champion.
Prior to dedicating himself to the sport of Powerlifting, he was an accomplished wrestler and gymnast at the University of Toronto competing at the college level. As a world-class athlete with decades of experience helping other elite athletes achieve their performance and body composition goals, the doctor knows what we put ourselves through. As Medical Director of the World Wrestling Federation and World Bodybuilding Federation, he focused on issues on ways to improve performance and body composition, especially by maximizing diet and the use of targeted nutritional supplementation.

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