Clinical Trials

MusclePharm invested heavily in our Center so we could better learn about design and protocol development, along with IRB approval and trial execution. We wanted scientific publications to review our findings and consult with other medical professionals. Our focus:

  • Exercise Science
  • Human Performance
  • Applied Nutrition & Metabolism
  • Nutraceutical Applications
  • Bone / Joint Health
  • Cardiovascular Health

Our Center and team of doctors have played key roles in clinical trials for both dietary and nutraceutical studies. We helped determined safety/efficacy and consulted on product substantiation/function claims. In the field of Sports Nutrition, the MusclePharm Center has the capability to accommodate any project. We can prepare documentation for review as well. Our team is fully trained in Good Clinical Practice (GCP)/International Conference of Harmonisation (ICH) guidelines. We also have experience with large and small projects, from proof-of-concept through Phase IV trials. If needed, we can consult with our colleagues and involve outside researchers as needed.

The MusclePharm Sports Science Center &

Research Institute Capabilities

  • Blood, urine, and sweat collection (hormone and chemistry profiles, metabolomics, genomics / transcriptomics, immune function)
  • Metabolic and genomic / transcriptomics – muscle and fat biopsies
  • Bioavailability, Bioequivalence, and dose ascending safety studies
  • Drug Performance and interactions
  • Pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic studies (food effect)
  • Different Routes of administration
  • Body composition assessment (skin-folds, bioimpedance analysis, dexa)
  • Anaerobic threshold & capacity testing (ventilatory / lactate)
  • Metabolic rate & substrate oxidation testing
  • Power and strength testing

> Published Research

The findings on this site are from research that we conducted at The MusclePharm Sports Science Center & Research Institute or through a University. Every phase of these projects were carried out by our team to meet science’s highest standards. Often, our findings were discussed with other sports nutrition professionals before they were published in scientific journals by industry peers. The term �peer reviewed� indicates that a paper has thoroughly reviewed by editors and the journals’ scientists to verify that the results were both objective and accurate. They do this prior to publication and write abstracts that give the reader a summary of the study’s overall methods, results and conclusions. If further information is needed, they can add annotations that explain the practical applications of a study’s findings.

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